Mandatory Policies 2018

Failure to comply with policies will result in a fee.
Contact Information: Carey Schillig 319.651.5558 and Text me Anytime.

Cancellations:   Life is hectic, however, if you must cancel your scheduled appointment, please give a 24-hour notification or a $25 fee will be applied.

Arrival Time:   For comfort and convenience please arrive on time, but not earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment. To be respectful of others’ experiences, please use the sitting & waiting areas available in the foyers.

Late Arrivals:   If you are more than 15 minutes late, rescheduling may be required and a $25 fee will be applied.

Color Treatments:   Please arrive with dry hair and allow for 3 hours. Enough time ensures a more efficient, enjoyable experience and better color results.

Long extra thick hair:   Please allow for 1.5 hours to make for a more complete and enjoyable experience.

Children:   Please refrain from bringing children to your appointment. Though children are beautiful, this is your time to relax and fully enjoy your exclusive hair care experience. Please also note that the salon is not child-proof (not safe for children).